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We successively broaden the scope of our services with competence Audit projects as well as sessions of the Assessment/ Development Centre. Competing companies wishing to stay ahead of its rivals in the market must be able to identify their people with the greatest potential for growth. Nevertheless, appropriate identification of the most valuable talent in the organization is not enough: creative people get bored quickly. To minimize the effect of fluctuations of the most valuable human resources, challenging organization must provide their talents to the further development of their career path by building a success of the business at the same time. This is related not only to the process of workforce optimization: one talent can replace up to five employees work an average growth potential, but also with the requirements of the increasingly competitive market for professionals who want to develop in companies that enjoy a good reputation as an employer.

The minimisation of costs connected with the extended administrative base and inviting only experienced consultants (freelancers from specific sectors) to cooperation within projects makes HEAD HUNT able to successfully compete with the largest international HR corporations and offer well-balanced prices to its Clients.


FEDEX Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage (Poland) – Carrying out a competence audit for all high-level managers

BGŻ Bank and RABOBANK (merger): The participation as an Assessor in an Assessment / Development Centre project carried out for all managers (directors and deputy directors)

PLASMATECH – Competence audit and training from the project management recruitment connected with individual coaching sessions for the whole team of consultants

ACP PHARMA/ MEDIQ:Competence audit in the project of high potentials identification working in a key specialist positions and involved in the internal recruitment for managerial positions to the Financial Services Centre in Rzeszów.