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The twenty-first Century is the information age and modern life in the information society is based on knowledge and modern technologies. Rapid flow of information affects the volatility of stock markets around the world, as well as changes the way people communicate in the parallel virtual reality, in which the power of social networking is crucial. The virtual world has given us opportunities not only in the creation of our image, but also in the conscious management of the entire process of information flow, which is best explained by the increasing role of Public Relations in business. One of the most critical factor for the success of any business is skillful and strategic management of his image. In the long term perspective, positive PR of the brand - as an Employer - can help to reduce the real cost of recruitment in HR up to 60%. HEAD HUNT is trying to work with the best companies in their respective industries, and in most cases, these are companies that have a positive image as employers. HEAD HUNT consultants will also advise other companies on how to improve their image in the virtual labor market, or completely change it by skillfully managed: EMPLOYER BRANDING

HEAD HUNT strategic partner in PR solutions to its customers is known Warsaw PR Agency: PR Kwadrat

Information society - is used to describe a society in which information becomes a commodity considered as an especially valuable asset, equivalent or even more valuable than material possessions. It is forecasted the development of services related to transmission, processing and storage of information, on which K. Koyama wrote in 1968 in the paper "Introduction to Information Theory ".