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We also organize trainings for consultants of the recruitment companies and all professionals and managers involved in the recruitment process management. Training consists of both theoretical as well as interactive workshops between the trainer and the trainees. During the training, the project management process of direct / executive search and tools used to identify the exact channels to attract the best candidates from the market will be thoroughly discussed.

Led by: Joanna Madejska – Trainer, Coach and Headhunter with 9 years of experience in project management recruitment. Since 2011 a member of Supervisory Board in Polish Association of Human Resource Management (PSZK), she was also a Member of the Certification Committee for consultants of recruitment companies, organized by the Polish HR Forum and Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan (PKPP Lewiatan) in the first edition of its launch.

Training: Effective recruitment / recruitment project management: Direct / Executive Search - Professional Recruiter Methodology.

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